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In Memorial

Dr. Samuel Babu had a Bachelor of Arts, diploma in French, and later received his Bachelor of Theology, and eventually received his PhD in Divinity in 2000. Although he was well educated, he was a humble and simple man, who very much loved his wife, and loved the Lord with all his heart. He led a most godly life in service to his Lord, Jesus Christ. He very much enjoyed serving in the small villages, and witnessing the good news of salvation to them. In the process, he won many souls to Christ, having planted a number of churches in various villages.


Dr. Sam wanted to reach the people where they were, in the interior villages of Karnataka. He established his ministry in 7 different villages. One is Kolar, Gorivigari, Srinivasapuram, Sulebele, Rampura, KGF, Chinthamani, and Siddaleadatta. He would often walk all the way through the villages, on foot. They were all Hindu families, and they were all poor communities. He would give English classes to many of the poor students in the villages.


He also used to minister to the Michela Balos School in Kaligapalli, with a love of all the children. He finished the work that God had given him while preaching there at that school. God called him home within an hour of having finished preaching. He died doing what he loved most: serving the Lord, and giving the Good News to all those in need. Although he did suffer some rejection and even beating for his preaching, he persevered, and counted it joy. He was loved by so many.


Dr. Lakshamma Babu, wife of Dr. Samuel Babu was president of Born Foundation, filling the shoes of her husband. She died in January 2008 from complications of diabetes. Being a medical doctor, she donated her services at the medical camps, and to many of those in need in the church plant villages. She was a most wise, god loving, woman. She was loved by so many, not just from her family, but from the villages that Born Foundation ministered to. She will be missed so very much.