o ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19

Lost people matter to God. Fifty percent of the world’s un-reached people live in India. These people are perishing and going to a hopeless eternity. Church planting is the most effective evangelism tool anywhere (Acts 6:7). Church planting is relational and enables one to make many new friends for Christ. Church planting movements are the key to evangelizing these least-reached peoples. Effective church planting takes place by utilizing national church planters, who can penetrate these un-reached people groups who have never heard of Jesus Christ. Born Foundation is involved in:

  • Training national church planters
  • Supplying support for church planters
  • Providing churches with a building in which to worship

We now have 5 church plants. The first one is Logos Bible Church at Goravigri, which is on the outskirts of Bangalore, India. This began in 1989 when our former late president, Dr. Samuel Babu, would go there on a regular basis and preach the word of God to them. They have prospered in the Word, and are near completion of the construction of their small church.

Upper left: picture is a pastor praying with some of the church members.

Lower left: is Christmas 2006 church service.

Right: is Dr. Lakshamma sharing the Word of God.



The second one is Logos Bible Church at Kolar, about 65 km north of Bangalore, India.

Upper left: is during Christmas 2006 services. Note the curious onlookers in background. They are getting the "Good News" too!

Lower left: is some of the children at the same service.

Right: is Pastor Jacob preaching the Word of God to the community.


The third one is Logos Bible Church at Chinthamani, about 75 km north of Bangalore, India. This is at the same site where the Bible College is, and where the KidZSanctuary Orphanage will be.

Upper left: shows the church name. It was shot during the Christmas 2006 program for the community, in which over 100 people showed up!

Lower left: is some of the children from Chinthamani that performed in the Christmas Nativity drama.

Right: is Phillip preaching during the Christmas 2006 service.

Rampura and Sullaballi

The forth and fifth are Logos Bible Church at Rampura. This village lies about 12 km from the main road. Our former and late president, Dr. Samuel Babu used to either catch a ride with a large truck, or sometimes walk into this village to minister to them.

Upper left: Pastor preaching the Word on a Sunday morning.

Middle left: Dr. Lakshamma seen here with boy that had TB when he was 2 years old. She treated him at her expense, nutrition and all. He had no parents, and was cared for by his grandmother, who passed away when he was 10. His uncle, Mr. Muniyappa, then cared for him.

Lower left and lower right: Village children after Sunday service.

Upper Right: Mr. Muniyappa was the first in this village to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. He was moved by the compassion shown to his nephew. He is a leader in this community, who encourages all the others to attend church services.