esus went round visiting all the towns and villages. He taught in the synagogues, preached the Good News about the Kingdom, and healed people with every kind of disease and sickness. Matthew 9:35

esus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and every sickness. Matthew 10:1


As an outreach to the community, we offer periodic free medical camp, whereby anyone can be seen by a doctor, and be given needed medicines for whatever the doctor may prescribe. This is a means of reaching the people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is our intent to have a monthly medical camp at various villages. We could use the help of any medical professionals that are willing to donate their time and services to this effort. To volunteer, please see our volunteer page.

On January 26th, we held a free medical camp for the community at Chinthanami. This is a small village about 75 km from Bangalore. We had two medical doctors there who donated their services, and we distributed free medicines as each doctor had prescribed for the patients. All together, 150 patients were seen. The doctors diagnosed one patient as having TB, and another as having cancer. The cancer patient was given an oncology referal.

We had guests from the US to observe and take part in the festivities. It was also Indian Republic Day, the equivalent of the US July 4th independence day. So the school children were out of school, and free to attend. The one visitor asked if the children were always this free? They loved the interaction with foreigners and thrived on the attention, both from playing ball, and having their photos taken. I showed them a video we had shot during the last Christmas celebration. They loved seeing themselves on screen.

Picture shows Dr. Lakshamma seeing patient.

Left: Dr. Lakshamma seeing patient. Middle: Dr. Nagappa checks eyes of patient. Right: Children peer into medical office from outside.

Left: Karen plays ball with local children. Middle: more games with children. Right: Indian flag ceremony in honor of Indian Independence Day.

Left: Karen mobbed by children for photo. Middle: Children gathered for bible stories. Right: More children peering into medical office.

Patients waiting to see doctor.

Left: Children pose for a US visitor. They thrive on the attention of the camera, and often push and shove to get into the picture. They are all unforgettable faces. All are beautiful children.