This small girl is doing the household laundry in the nearby lake. No modern washing machines here.

To do something about their situation, BORN Foundation has started the Michela School to give them an education. This gives hope of them being able to do something more with their lives than work and live in the same poverty conditions as their parents. In the school they are taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ, in addition to the other basics.

The young boy above was just 9 years old. He lead us through the rock quarry for an interview with his parents. He was barefoot. I didn't know how one could walk barefoot across all the sharp rocks, but their feet have become callused and used to being barefoot. His parents, although being Hindu, were appreciative of what The Born Foundation is doing, with the hopes their son will be able to make something of himself.

They are also given a meal each day during school at no cost.